I would like to point out that Zrcalo has been doing FREE art for wajas for many years, not being paid at all. And just due to posting that query, he was removed from staff, and harassed privately off site by staff members (which I seriously wish Zrcalo would post publicly) Not long after going up, this thread was simply closed.

And then there was this ‘news’ recently.


A reminder of the kind of people that are currently running wajas.

great. :|

Poor Zee. I feel bad for him. :( This was such a strange incident. I always thought highly of the staff, so I was shocked when this happened. I really hope everything gets sorted out in the end….

works i’d consider utilizing in pc paganism




who fears death by nnedi okorafor

jacqueline carey’s kushiel series & naamah trilogy

juliet marillier’s sevenwaters series

garth nix’s abhorsen trilogy

OMG Witchcraft based on the Kushiel series and Naamah trilogy.  OOOMMMGGG……  Person I have never seen on here before…you have done a Thing.


…Charter magic?

Best idea ever. OP is my hero.

Witchy Wishlist!

Decided to do one of these after all. ^_^ Doubt it’ll go anywhere, but why not?

1. Gemstones/crystals of any kind (tumbled, raw, points, anything). I absolutely love rocks, and so anything would make me very happy.

2. Feathers, furs, bones/skulls, pressed flowers/butterflies, petrified wood, shells, etc.

3. Tarot decks, of course! I love experimenting with new decks. Though the deck itself can be very much preowned/worned. I don’t mind.

4. A Tarot reading. It’s hard for me to find people who are familiar with Tarot in real life, but I love getting readings from others.

5. Anything gryphon-related! I adore gryphons. :)

6. Incense burner or incense

7. Plants! I live in a god(s)forsaken state filled with snow, ice, and darkness, and so I need a little plant to cheer me up. ^^

8. Just talking to someone. I love chatting with other pagans, I really do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! ^_^

Help me with a tarot reading…?

So, I did a past life reading for myself based on this spread…and while I understand a good amount of the reading, I want to get someone else’s opinion. Would anyone who knows tarot mind taking a look at this and either send me an ask (more than one is fine) or reblog it with what they think each part means? If anyone helps me with this, it’ll mean a lot to me. <3 Thank you!

1. Past life physical description: What did you look like during your past life? Wheel of Fortune

2. Past life location: Where did you live? Five of Pentacles

3. Past life personality: What kind of person were you? The Devil

4. Past-life/present-life relationship: Which relationship have you carried over from a past life to your present? 4 of Swords

5. Past life purpose: What was your soul’s purpose in a past life? King of Cups

6. Past life passion: What did you love about your old life? King of Wands

7. Past life death: How did your old life pass away? 6 of Cups

8. Life lesson: What did you learn from your old life? Ace of Cups

9. An unresolved issue from your past life: What fear, worry, or concern did you carry from your old life into your present? Death

10. Present life purpose: What do you need to accomplish in your current life? 9 of Swords

11. Advice: What message does your past self have for your present self? The Emperor

Should mention that I don’t expect you to do this for free. I’m more than willing to pay, either in money (let me know in advance) or a reading for you.

Credit to Redvarg

More beautiful gryphon pics! I’m in love with the pigeon hybrids in the third picture.

31 Days of Paganism: Day 9

9. Do you believe in anything supernatural/paranormal?

This is a tricky one to answer. I don’ believe that anything is actually “supernatural”; I believe anything can eventually be explained at least somewhat, if/when we have the right amount of knowledge.

Of course, there are many phenomena that we don’t yet have an explanation for, and so would technically be supernatural. Of these, I believe in spirits/ghosts, divination, and some forms of “psychic” powers. For the latter, that would be pretty much anything other than psychokinesis. If levitation and the like existed, I would think this would have been easily proven many years ago. Then again, perhaps the amount of people who have the ability are of such small numbers (and don’t want to draw attention to themselves) that they do actually exist and have remained hidden. I personally don’t believe they do, but I suppose you never know.

For spirits and ghosts, I don’t believe that all are necessarily evil. I do think it depends on the spirit or ghost in question; my boyfriend is 100% positive that all ghosts are naturally evil (and are most likely demons), but I really don’t think this is the case. Anyone who has worked with spirits would probably agree that some are malicious, but the majority seem to be neutral or fairly amiable. I would assume this would be the same for ghosts, though I must admit that I don’t know too much about them.

31 Days of Paganism: Day 8

8. Would/Do you read for others? Why or why not?

I have in the past, though admittedly not too often. I’ve done readings for both my father and mother (who, while conservative Christians, don’t mind tarot at all), and they were actually very impressed. My mother was all over it, and she convinced my very reluctant dad to let me read for him. He was hesitant and laughed it off as a load of hogwash, but he finally agreed. By the end of it, he had an incredibly creeped out look on his face and left the room without saying anything. My mother talked to him and told me that apparently the reading was spot-on down to the details (even about individual relationships at his work), and he was rather freaked out. He hasn’t come to me for another reading since then, but he’s also never laughed at it again. ;)

I’ve also done readings online for people, and they all seemed to go well. I actually enjoyed doing these anonymous, cold readings—it’s a completely different feeling from reading for myself, when I know my thoughts and experiences and biases. It’s an elating feeling, to do a reading for someone based off of only one sentence and for them to come back, saying how much it helped them. It gives me confidence in my ability to read well. I have noticed, though, that it’s incredibly draining. The first few times, I honestly felt like I’d been awake for three days straight and hit by a car. It completely sapped me. Since then I’ve made sure to ground beforehand (something that I dismissed as mere superstition before), and it’s helped tremendously.

Anyway, I’ll likely do some free readings for people on here in the very near future, so be sure to check back if you’re interested!